Shakespeare Fishing Rod Ugly Stick

Well, consumers still love Ugly Stiks, and though Hulk Hogan may no longer be on TV bending rods, Shakespeare recently launched its next generation of ads that showcase Ugly Stik strength. What do you.

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And it’s not just a toy for kids, either; this is a real fishing rod. What we dislike: This option has a short casting distance, and some users have had problems with the telescopic mechanism not.

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik graphite rods ($79 to $89) bring the tough Howald process of the original Ugly Stik (graphite inside, E-glass out) to an all-graphite blank. Both the interior spiral wrap and.

While there are higher-performance, and arguably more durable spinning rods on the market, it’s difficult to beat Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik line until you start doubling or tripling your budget.

quality fishing rod, I recommend that you go with the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. There’s a model for just about every type of fishing there is, from catching sun patties in a mill pond to trolling for.

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Shooter was fishing eight Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Rods, spooled with 80-pound test braided line on revolving spool reels. He used 60-pound leader and 7/0 Kahle hooks. Some of the leaders had.

Looking for a fishing rod and reel combo for a young angler? The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Combo was recently awarded top kids’ rig at the ICAST — International Convention of Allied Sportfishing.

Ugly Stik has expanded its line for 2016 to include species-specific rods and combos. The company is offering. and round reel options (plus a walleye combo as well). Check out.

The light-power Shakespeare Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod can provide added reach. It’s available in a range of sizes. The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is frequently recommended because it offers.

He secures his Shakespeare Ugly Stik fishing rod to the yellow kayak with a shoelace and ties his plastic bag of bait — two whole, 12-inch mackerel — to a nylon rope attached to the vessel. Cutugno,

Take the Shakespeare Ugly Stik, for example. She tells him he’s not going fishing today and proceeds to whack his fishing rod (an Ugly Stik) against the tile floor. When that treatment doesn’t.

Last year Shakespeare re-launched one of the world’s best-known fishing rods with the Ugly Stik GX2. This year the company elevated the brand another notch with the Ugly Stik Elite. Retaining the.

For many years, an angler could walk into any major outdoor retailer or discount mart with $29.95 in his pocket and walk out with one of the most widely recognized and durable fishing rods on the.

Shakespeare® began the program in 2007 and Ugly Stik® joined the program one year later. The Shakespeare Ladyfish series includes five spinning combos, spincast combos, rods and reels. The Ladyfish.

According to Senior Editor John Geiger, Shakespeare’s revamped Ugly Stik scored an impressive victory over top-end baitcasting rods such as G-Loomis’ IMX and St. Croix’s Avid X. “We weren’t sure how.

T.M. Custom Panfish and Trout rods, Shakespeare Ugly Stik Combos and more. “We deal with a couple custom rod makers. Todd Miller makes really awesome custom rods,” said Snider. “We have a decent.

Top-end rods and reels can be more than $500. At $49.99, I saw no better deal than the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 combo. It’s a decent Shakespeare spinning reel attached to a 6-foot-6-inch Ugly.

Fenwick still produces great rods, yet other manufacturers have passed them in design, durability and fishability. ? Shakespeare Ugly Stick (1976): With its special construction, it created an.

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