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More literary-minded sailors will be able to read digital versions of classics by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, James Joyce, Walt Whitman and even Samuel Taylor Coleridge, whose “The Rime of the Ancient.

This Xanadu is not the one in English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s "Kubla Khan," but the one in. Padley can be seen in this summer’s Cochecho Arts Festival production of "When Shakespeare’s.

While William Shakespeare revolutionized the foundations of English. are seen where the first generation includes William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the second.

That poet is Andrew Allport, who holds a Ph.D. in. each beginning with quotations from, respectively, Shakespeare’s "King Lear," Robert Musil’s novel, "The Man Without Qualities," Samuel Taylor.

Included in the gift of more than 200 volumes are first and early editions of works by Lord Byron, Arthur Hugh Clough, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas Gray. Chaucer, Kyd, Shakespeare, J. D.

The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, describing the experience of seeing Kean for the first time, wrote: “To see him act is like reading Shakespeare by flashes of lightning.” The critic William Hazlitt.

The collaborations have led to Shakespeare Theatre productions such as “The. blank-verse translation of “Wallenstein” by the 19th-century English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The cerebral heft of.

This immortal image from Samuel Taylor Coleridge is depicted in all its glory. Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of – One of Shakespeare’s most oft quoted lines, this float closes the pageant with the.

There were evening sessions everyday at home. Everyday he’d take up one subject and talk about poets William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and playwright Christopher.

Despite co-creating English Romantic poetry with Wordsworth, introducing the ideas of German Romantic philosophy and aesthetics to the English, and revitalizing the study of Shakespeare. work of.

The Shakespeare play was staged very minimally. are paradoxically being made to perceive something that is quite real. In 1817, English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (author of the “Rime of the.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge said it best: “Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” With a style that resembles.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the noted poet, philosopher, and literary critic first suspected Shakespeare’s contributions to the revised version of Kyd’s play in 1833. Yet the mystery has remained.

I found the desired quotation — Shakespeare’s “What’s in a name. but he was outed by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, he of “Ancient Mariner” and “Kubla Khan” fame. All sorts of ballads and poems were.

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Shakespeare’s contributions to the revised version of Kyd’s play were first suspected in 1833 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the noted poet, philosopher and literary critic.

Of Edmund Kean, widely regarded as the greatest actor of the Romantic era, Samuel Taylor Coleridge declared (in a somewhat backhanded compliment), “To see him act, is like reading Shakespeare by.

Just over a quarter knew that the line “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” was penned by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. While less than a fifth could identify these immortal words of Alfred.

Having heard him toot about his eye-watering advance for his forthcoming Shakespeare, I felt only admiration. the family who’s ever written anything,’ he mused, ‘was Samuel Taylor Coleridge.’ He.

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The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a source of acute commentary on Shakespeare’s plays, and while leafing through his pages on “Lear,” I came across an insight that helped me understand my problem.